Hi! I am Adrien Cosson, a Software Engineer passionate about aerospace, embedded systems, and cybersecurity. In 2020, I obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. During this degree, I was a member of the Systems and Internet Infrastructure Security Laboratory, under the advising of Pr. Patrick D. McDaniel.

During my stay in the SIIS Lab, my research focus was on Intrusion Detection Systems for Internet of Things (IoT) environments. As part of my research, I built a framework that aims at detecting discrepancies between physical and logical state in a device, in order to identify potential malicious activity. The results of this work can be found here

Before joining Penn State, I obtained an Engineer's Degree from the École Centrale de Lyon, which I attended after completing my two years of classe préparatoire at the Lycée Saint-Louis.